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Other Services

- Virtual Private Network.

- Dedicated Internet Access.



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Other Services

To offering reliable and cost-effective high-speed Internet connections leveraging its own extensive IP broadband network coverage. Through its customized Internet Access Solutions, I-Link TECHNOLOGY fast tracks you to the Internet world, enabling the next phase of your e-business in the B2B economy across Greater China. To suit your business needs with our :

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Dedicated Internet Access


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

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MPLS IP VPN is a regionwide state-of-the-art service that delivers the security and performance levels of a private IP network from a shared public infrastructure. More specifically, it provides connectivity between sites across a shared public infrastructure in a secure manner with the same policies as a private network.


In the modern business environment, companies are increasingly under pressure to support a wide variety of voice and data communication channels between cities or locations. Employees also need to access and share information as they travel or work from remote locations or branch offices around the world. Existing WAN technologies, such as International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) or a pure Internet access, are either too expensive or limited in their flexibility to meet changing business requirements (for example, a leased line connecting two small offices is expensive to maintain). It is out of such inadequacy that IP-based VPN TECHNOLOGY has emerged as the solution.


What differentiates MPLS IP VPN from its competitors?

As the one of  IP VPN service providers in the region to deliver superior Quality of Service (QoS) with the Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) TECHNOLOGY. MPLS is a key routing protocol for service providers to steer IP traffic onto a variety of routes instead of one single channel, to avoid congestion or failures, or to achieve what effective QoS aims to achieve - minimized traffic delay, optimized data throughput, and minimized jitter and loss of data packets. MPLS enables enterprises and service providers to supercharge their VPNs, dramatically improving scalability, performance and security.


Since IP is fast becoming the dominant networking protocol in the world, our MPLS-based VPN service has become one of the region's most practical, future-proof ways of delivering the full chain of time-sensitive applications over corporate IP networks. Examples of these emerging applications include multicasting, streaming video, video conferencing, IP fax, and other e-business solutions.


Differences between MPLS IP VPN, IPLC and pure Internet access

Once considered one of the most competing products for MPLS IP VPN, IPLC is a more traditional point-to-point connection and suffers from a number of disadvantages. IPLC requires the self-provision by businesses of their own communication needs over their own networks. Businesses build their own internal corporate networks by purchasing IPLCs and leased lines, and then adding on top of these lines the necessary equipment (e.g. switches, routers, etc.). Such a solution involves in-house management and maintenance of the corporate network, which could prove a very complex task, requiring numerous and skilled staff.


Pure Internet access involves sole reliance on non-customized basic telecommunication services purchased locally from various suppliers. The Internet, however, is not a controllable and predictable environment. Consequently, as soon as data packets get into the Internet, rather than a single controlled IP network, they are subject to unpredictable quality issues.


Below is a comparison of the principal features of MPLS IP VPN, IPLC and pure Internet access:


 Cost Comparison  MPLS IP VPN  IPLC  Pure Internet Access
 Price Economical Expensive Low
 Service Level Comparison  MPLS IP VPN  IPLC  Pure Internet Access
 One stop shop billing  Yes  Yes  No
 Local support from Mainland China  Good  Poor, 90% is performed by local telcos  Poor
 Fixed line installation process  Fast, dedicated staff for provisioning  Fluctuated, depends telcos responsing  Slow
 Single point of contact  Yes  No  No
 Features Comparison  MPLS IP VPN  IPLC  Pure Internet Access

Burstable bandwidth for unexpected traffic needs

 Yes  No  N/A

High, one physical connection can support a virtually unlimited number of users

Low, it requires additional equipment and leased line for every additional site

N/A, since the Internet is a connectionless network (which does not involve the establishment of an end-to-end, predefined circuit prior to the start of a communications session)


High, security measures such as firewalls and IP data encryption standards can be deployed

 Very high, it is a private network  Extremely low
 Bandwidth guarantee  Yes  Yes  No
 Dedicated bandwidth between sites  Yes  Yes  No
 Voice traffic prioritization  Yes  Yes  No
 Internet access  Yes  No  Yes
 Network redundancy  Yes, traffic can be easily re-routed  No  Yes, traffic can be easily re-routed



Quality of Service (QoS) allocates different bandwidth for different applications according to individual branch offices.
Cost Effectiveness links your branch offices together without building additional point-to-point leased lines.
Guaranteed Bandwidth assures performance and reliability by supplying Committed Information Rate, based on your needs to support mission critical applications.
Secure Environment builds Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) between branches to protect the entire environment against outside intrusion.
World Class Support provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring and unsurpassed technical support.

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Dedicated Internet Access

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Dedicated Internet Access is a dedicated connection to the Internet that offers you the advantage of an "always-on" connection in your office. I - LINK TECHNOLOGY provides enterprise organizations a high-speed dedicated Internet access via a 100% Cisco Powered backbone engineered for mission critical data delivery. From leased lines to ADSL, to ATM, and to fixed wireless broadband, we has the connectivity solution for your business. With our Dedicated Internet Access service, you get high-speed always-on Internet connectivity backed by rock-solid redundant networks.

I - LINK TECHNOLOGY also provided dynamically scalable bandwidth, ranging from 64Kbps to 155Mbps. We serves nearly all the major cities across the region with its multi-carrier backbone. The company's customers include Fortune 1000 enterprises, financial institutions, real estate companies, law firms, medical facilities, software developers, Web-based businesses, ISPs and ASPs, universities, school districts and government agencies.


Dedicated Internet access is available mainly through 3 different channels:

  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL),

  • Leased Line, and

  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).


ADSL is a TECHNOLOGY for transmitting digital information at a high bandwidth on existing phone lines. Advantages include high speed, especially on download, the ability to transmit both data and voice on the same line, and a lower cost than leased lines (see below).

Leased line

Leased line is a permanent telephone connection between two points that has been leased for private use. The primary advantages of a leased line are high speed and a guaranteed level of quality since the access is not shared with anyone else.


ATM is an evolving TECHNOLOGY designed for the high-speed transfer of voice, video and data over a single network. ATM allows for the integration of networks, thus improving efficiency and manageability.


Cisco Powered Network Cisco Powered backbone that optimizes performance and reliability
Scalability scalable speed offerings from 64Kbps to 155Mbps to fit your business needs
Flexibility perfect for hosting web sites and LAN connectivity
Outstanding performance supports multiple Internet users

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     Features of VPN / Dedicated Internet Access
   * Some stuff about the project needs to be provided by clients.

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   * The payment methods will also need to negotiate.

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